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General FAQs about the IEEE Student Branch.


Welcome to our FAQ!

What is this?

This is the IEEE Student Branch DTU! A student-driven organization with the aim of motivating students to participate in non-ECTS events for the sake of personal interest, knownledge, networking and fun through easy access to interesting events held by high-profile speakers from the industry and academia around the world.

Sounds awesome! How do I join the IEEE Student Branch?

Simply log-on to Campusnet and in the “search field” type “IEEE Student Branch” – under groups you should now see our Campusnet group. Join it and you are a member of the IEEE Student Branch.

When I join the IEEE Student Branch will I then automatically become a member of the IEEE?

No, you have to go to to get a membership there. However, most of our events are open to all.

Surely, with so many amazing events it must cost a million DKK to be a member?

No! It won’t cost you anything! We might maybe take a small fee for non-IEEE members for some very special and expensive events (so far this hasn’t been the case).

How do I register for an event?

Well, we are working on a solution where you can register directly via this webpage. But for now please follow the instructions as specified in the event invitation.

Alright, but what have you done for me lately?

Past events include:

Windows 7 introduction: Where the heads of Microsoft Denmark came on the day of the launch of Windows 7.

National Instruments: A 3 hour workshop and introduction about one of the leading toolchains when making industrial embedded systems.

How to lead and develop a high-tech company: With the distinguished Dr. Niels-Erik Hansen a very successful guy who has been the leader of several major companies – and he’s from DTU!

Game nights: Not everything has to be educational.

And much more!!

Aww… I missed those, what have you in store for me this year?

We can’t say yet. But if you join us on Campusnet you will know soon!

Wow! I really want to be a part ªof planning events, knowing what’s going on as well as broaden my network! Are you looking for active members?

You bet! Just send an e-mail to Michael at and tell him that you are interested in becoming an active member!

Wait! I have more questions!

Send them to Michael at